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Item #5 | July 26 2016

Segoma - selected as one of the 3 leaders in the Diamonds industry

Now in "Globes. Israel's business arena"

Item #4 | | July 11 2016

You can now photograph 1200 diamonds a day!

Thanks to the constant growth in the demand for Segoma´s services, the significant increase in the number of our employees and the enhancement of our equipment, we are expanding our branch in Ramat Gan, Israel. Better service, shorter schedules and an amazing throughput of 1200 photographs a day is what you can expect from Segoma now.

Come visit us and see for yourself.

Item #3 | June 1 2016

Bracelets Also Deserve Segoma

In light of the great success of the Segoma technology photographing diamonds at 360 degrees, the company is expanding its services for the R2net platform taking also pictures of bracelets.

Item #2 | May 24 2016

Gem Leadership – The Story of Rio Tinto's largest gem diamond

Diavik Foxfire is the largest gem diamond ever found in north America. Weighing 187.7 carats, it was showcased at the Rio Tinto's booth at the International Gem Week hosted by the Israeli Diamonds Institute. Look how impressive it is in this Segoma image :

Item #1 | April 4 2016

Collaboration between Israeli Diamonds Institute and James Allen

James Allen and the Israeli Diamonds Institute recently announced the collaboration between the Israeli institution and the leading US jewelry-marketing website. A ceremony was held at the beginning of April, and all photographed diamonds have been uploaded to the website.

Needless to say, all these quality photos were taken with Segoma.