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Segoma provides advanced photography services with innovative and unique technology that precisely and reliably demonstrates all the properties of a diamond – color, clarity, transparency, and cut – and provides a total visual impression as a substitute for a physical inspection of the diamond.

Segoma machines are automatically connected to its advanced e-commerce platform, so that the photographs are immediately uploaded to the platform and distributed globally, with no need to physically relocate the diamonds. The physical inspection is replaced by the photographs, and travel to diamond centers is replaced by the Internet e-commerce platform.

Segoma’s comprehensive ability to produce 360-degree photographs that are of particularly high quality, and to distribute them immediately and globally, makes it vital and extremely attractive for all parties involved in diamond trading.




If you're a jewelry manufacturer one of your biggest problems is reaching retailer stores and supplying them with the most amazing jewelry to sell to their customers. With Segoma's 360° display technology you send them an amazing real-life 360° display of your latest jewelry designs to retailers around the world, expanding your business with out being physically present.


Polished Diamonds


All shapes of White and Fancy colored polished diamond photography services for Diamond dealers and traders from around the world. By using Segoma's ground breaking 360° technology, dealers are able to display their merchandise to potential buyers via email, saving unnecessary risks and costs involved in shipping these precious stones around the globe.




Many minerals such as rough diamonds are sold via auctions (sometimes known as Tenders). Segoma's 360° photography services offer Auction and Tender houses the capability of displaying the auctioned pieces prior to the event, allowing potential participants to arrive more prepared or allowing bidders to examine the piece after leaving the event and placing a proper bid.