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Did you pack your bag yourself?

Passengers are already in their seats, the crew is getting ready for the final check before takeoff, and you, who have been working in the diamonds industry for years, are on your way back from another business trip to India carrying several valuable....

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words (and Many Miles)

3D photograph and simulation technology are gaining momentum in many fields. Is it a trend? A revolution? A vital need? It doesn’t matter what it is or what we call it, but it is now time for diamonds to join the club. And there is good reason for celebration...

360° view of the diamond industry – via Segoma

“Hundreds of thousands of three-dimensional photographs of diamonds have introduced us to some of the new, leading trends in the diamond industry – such as: the types of diamonds preferred by clients, the most popular polishing styles of the year, and the trends characterizing specific markets.”

The digital “Mazal u’Bracha”

The technological advances that have penetrated every aspect of our lives are gradually entering the world of diamonds. The diamond market, which until recently operated like a traditional business, has been exposed to the world of e-commerce, to new capabilities that significantly ease the process of carrying out transactions, and to the global access that this commerce enables, and it is beginning to integrate advanced technological tools into the diamond trading process.