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Segoma develops and provides advanced technological photography solutions for the diamond world, and enables the online linking of photos to its Internet e-commerce platform. Segoma was founded by 3 entrepreneurs with the goal of taking the diamond world a step forward towards digital progress and optimizing existing sales procedures.

Segoma’s three-dimensional photography machines provide the purchaser with all the necessary visual information (color, clarity, level of polish/cut, etc.), and, together with an automatic link to its e-commerce platform, expose the photos to the 20,000 website users. This process of photography and sharing enables global distribution of the stones, shortened times, and significant cost reduction.

Segoma laboratories are located at the world's main diamond bourses – Mumbai, New York, Ramat Gan – and enable the diamonds to be delivered and returned the next business day. Segoma currently represents the visual standard for determining quality and clarity, and it serves as a final stamp of approval prior to executing a transaction.